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Experiences of racial microaggressions can be challenging for people and some research has suggested they relate to obsessive compulsive symptoms. We are seeking to study frequency of experience of racial microaggressions, obsessive compulsive symptoms, and psychological flexibility. Studying psychological flexibility can help us learn how to support people facing these experiences. We appreciate your time and consideration of this brief survey.

Who is eligible: People who are over age 18 and identify with at least one non-white racial identity.

What is involved: Two brief 10-15 min surveys one month apart. You can choose to participate now and then will be contacted in one month for the second survey.

Participants who complete 75% or more of the survey and pass all checks for spam can be entered into a raffle to win one of five $25 gift cards! There will be a raffle for each time point of the survey!

Contact mbrowning@umassd.edu or elizabeth.richardson@umassd.edu for questions and concerns.

Download a flyer regarding the survey. Click here to access the survey.