Kent State University

Researchers at Kent State University have a new study aiming to better understand factors that influence an individual’s susceptibility to OCD. OCD is a complex disorder with many underlying causes and risk factors, and these factors might be accentuated during the current global pandemic (COVID-19). With your help, they hope to develop a better understanding of these causes and risk factors and how they manifest during stressful times to improve available treatments to better help others in the future. The study consists of a 25-minute online survey that asks about emotional experiences, common types of recurring thoughts/obsessions, and experiences in romantic relationships. This study has been approved by Kent State University’s Institutional Review Board.

If you are interested in participating:
Please visit Kent State’s webpage at https://www.clinicalaffectivesciencelab.com/participate to find the link to the study survey under Emotion and Cognition in OCD. You can also click here to download a flyer containing information about the study.