Yale Child Study Center

The Yale Child Study Center is conducting ongoing research studies and is currently looking for participants for their three genetics studies: OCD Genetics, TIC Genetics, and Trichotillomania/BFRB Genetics.

The purpose of these studies is to identify the genetic factors that cause these disorders using a family-based approach. To date, the Study Center has discovered five genes and it believes there are about 300-400 more (news stories here and here). It hopes that these discoveries will lead to the development of new treatments to help alleviate the suffering, but it will need the participation of many families in order to make this happen.

The studies require participation from a child and both biological parents. Specifically, the Study Center is searching for families where the child (no age-restriction) is diagnosed with OCD/TS/Trichotillomania while the parents do not have the history. The studies can be done remotely and participation will be compensated with a $100 Amazon gift card for the family.

For more information and how to participate in these studies, click on a link listed below to download a PDF document regarding the particular study you are interested in:

You can also email Ana Bok, Postgraduate Research Associate at Yale School of Medicine, Yale Child Study Center at for more information.