Better Living-Center for Behavioral Health

Better Living-Center for Behavioral Health

At Better Living, it’s their mission to make a difference in your life. Based in Texas, they are dedicated to providing quality behavioral healthcare nationwide. Although they are nationally known for their exceptional OCD treatment, they also offer a range of treatment options for various anxiety-related disorders. Their main focus is to deliver high-quality care and maintain a personable center. They customize treatment plans based on your goals, severity, and co-occurring problems.

What was traditionally referred to as “mental illness”, is now understood to be better treated as behavior health. You have their personal commitment to help you along your path towards growth. They look forward to helping you live your best life.

In Connecticut, they offer remote services only – these include: 

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are available one or more times per week with a behavior therapist. They will develop a specific plan to help you reach your treatment goals with you.

The RISE Program

The RISE program is a special level of treatment adapted to the needs of those individuals that need more than 1x weekly treatment but whose symptoms do not require in-person intensive outpatient or day treatment. The RISE program is three 90 minute sessions of exposure with a therapist individually per week. This program costs less than typical intensive outpatient treatment and is offered in-person in some states and online in many states.

They will create an individualized treatment plan based on your goals and problems.  Call in for a free screening to start your treatment journey at 972-332-8733.