I-CBT Graphic

Inference-based Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (I-CBT) is an evidence-based treatment that is a new approach to treating OCD. It is based on the central idea that obsessions are abnormal doubts about what “could be”, or “might be” (e.g. “I might have left the stove on”; “I might be contaminated”; “I might be a deviant”).

According to this approach, obsessional doubts do not come out of the blue, but they arise as the result of a dysfunctional reasoning narrative that is characterized by a tendency to distrust the senses and an over-reliance on the imagination. As a result, obsessional doubts are able to persist without ever being resolved by carrying out compulsions.

I-CBT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT), but it is different from standard cognitive-behavioral approaches to the treatment of OCD.

To learn more about I-CBT, go to icbt.online.