The OCD Advantage

The OCD Advantage is an online forum created by Joseph Ettinger. Joseph has struggled with OCD his entire life. He’s been on and off medications, has done ERP therapy, and tried every tactic in the book. And now, he has completely restructured his relationship with OCD. For so long, he struggled to find an online community that truly felt like a community. He struggled to feel like he was getting to know others; there was a lack of interaction, collaboration, networking, and more. That is why he started The OCD Advantage. Joseph plans to make this the most collaborative, interactive, and networkable community to date. In time, you’ll find vibrant dialogue and collaboration, resource sharing, courses and lessons that he is putting together, virtual meet-ups, and more. But above all else, you’ll find AUTHENTIC AND LASTING FRIENDSHIPS BEING FORMED. Click here to go to the forum.